Joe Salazar, State Representative and Candidate for Attorney General

I am tired of status quo politics and status quo politicians. I want to see someone who understands the world in a different way. Someone who knows the battles from a non-privileged perspective…What I saw and heard from Saira is what I want in every single congressperson. The status quo is about comfort and privilege. And because Saira knows that many of Denver’s communities neither have comfort nor privilege, because she is a wicked smart street fighter who has the guts and vision to shake things up and to better the lives of all people, I am thrilled to endorse her candidacy for Congressional District 1! 

Joe Salazar

Rudy Gonzales, Executive Director, Servicios de la Raza

Saira Rao speaks from her heart. Her issues are our issues: classism, income inequality, police brutality, gun violence, poor education achievement, poor healthcare, negative environmental living conditions, severe inequity, systemic oppression, and racism. Her grasp of these and many other issues as a Woman of Color, a 1st generation immigrant, and a strong progressive calls me to her side in support.

Chaz Tedesco, Adams County Commissioner

Saira is building a diverse coalition of voters that will give the Democratic Party victories in 2018 and beyond. I’m proud to endorse Saira for Congress.

Chaz Tedesco and Saira Rao
Chaz Tedesco and Saira Rao

Debbie Ortega, Denver Councilwoman At-Large

Saira has been putting in the time and effort, listening and engaging with members of our community who have been left behind. She will bring that same passion and commitment to Washington when she is elected our next Congresswoman.

At-Large City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega and Congressional Candidate Saira Rao
Debbie Ortega and Saira Rao © Dave Russell, Buffalo Heart Images

Rafael Espinoza, Denver Councilman

I’m pleased to endorse Saira Rao for Congressional District 1. I’m seeking representation in Congress capable of fighting for Coloradans in Washington with a renewed sense of purpose for Our District. The balance of leader, advocate, and politician is one she can navigate with her constituents foremost in mind.

Councilmember Rafael Espinoza
Rafael Espinoza © Dave Russell, Buffalo Heart Images

Buie Seawell, Former Chair of the Democratic State Party

I’m endorsing Saira Rao because she has the energy, intelligence and care to lead our party and our country in this monumental moment of our history. She is not ‘the same old thing.’ Saira Rao embodies the future.

Buie Seawell, former Chair of the Democratic State Party
Buie Seawell

Denis Berckefeldt, Former Secretary of the Colorado Democratic Party and Former Congressional Candidate

Jack Kennedy said we need a new generation of Americans. In Denver, we need a new generation of leaders. Saira is that leader.

Denis Berckefeldt and Saira Rao
Denis Berckefeldt and Saira Rao

Dusti Gurule, Executive Director, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR)

I am thrilled to support Saira Rao for Congress. As a lifetime Denver constituent, I have longed for a representative who understands how issues impact me as a Chicana and a woman of color. I believe Saira is that candidate and will fight for our communities.

Tony Pigford, Candidate for Denver City Council

Colorado friends–If we want to get special interests out of government we HAVE to vote out politicians who take special interest money. I sincerely hope you’ll all join me in supporting Saira Rao for Congress. For the first time in decades, we have a VIABLE, PROGRESSIVE candidate who isn’t beholden to corporations AND she’s a woman of color. Please like her page, donate to her campaign and VOTE on June 26th.

Tony Pigford
Tony Pigford

Xochitl “Sochi” Gaytan, Small Business Owner, Former Candidate for DPS Board of Education, and Community Leader

Denver Congressional District 1 (CD1) deserves a legislator that is present & engaging, listens to constituents and takes action on issues that matter directly to us. We have found that in Saira Rao, a true progressive and candidate for CD1. Saira is an Indian-American woman that has proven to be champion of the people through her business and her work with the Democratic party. Vote Saira if you are voting for: Black Lives Matter, the Clean Dream Act, heathcare for all, campaign-finance reform, weaning off of fossil fuels, addressing the student-loan debt crisis, and affordable housing for working & homeless families!

Xochitl Gaytan, Saira Rao, and Vanessa Quintana
Xochitl Gaytan, Saira Rao, and Vanessa Quintana

Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, The Equity Project

I fully endorse Saira because she represents the type of leadership we need for one of the most complex times in U.S. history. We can’t have status quo leadership in a time begging for transformation. Saira is our future.

The Reverend Dr. Timothy Tyler, Reverend of Shorter Community AME Church

I fully endorse Saira Rao for Congress. Her activist and caring spirit is the breath of fresh air we’ve all been waiting for.

Susan Barnes-Gelt, Former Denver City Councilwoman At-Large

Saira is exactly the kind of person we need to send to the United States Congress. She is young, smart, educated and global. Saira WILL drain the swamp.

Susan Barnes-Gelt
Susan Barnes-Gelt

Kelly Perez, Founder and CEO of kindColorado

I trust Saira to represent and lead us with humility and grace through the biggest challenges of our times–income inequality, housing affordability, health care access… toward a racially just, inclusive, environmentally sound Colorado. Yes, big dreams, but we must care for those least among us. Trickle down justice means no justice, lifting up what works serves communities. I trust Saira to prioritize the people over corporations, and other big money interests.

Tay Anderson, Former Candidate for DPS Board of Education

Saira Rao, you’re someone who didn’t give up on me when so many others did. When people didn’t want me to share my story, you stood up and you did. I have been told I am committing political suicide if I support you and I don’t care. I am with you because I can trust you will take my story and make it our fight!

Tay Anderson and Saira Rao
Tay Anderson and Saira Rao

Nita Gonzales, Latinx community activist

We need to lift up women and communities of color across CD1. That’s why I am supporting Saira in this race. Politics are local, regardless if your job is based in Washington. Saira understands that and will have our backs in Washington.

Neeti Pawar, Founder of the South Asian Bar Association of Colorado

I endorse Saira Rao for Congress—an unabashed progressive with a refreshing enthusiasm to lead. Saira will represent Denver residents in Congress and lead her colleagues with tenacity and compassion. She has the intelligence to understand the toughest issues facing Denver, our State and our Nation; combining knowledge with empathy to bring people together to create solutions.

Julia Stewart, Candidate for RTD District C

Saira knows inclusive government means working collaboratively with local community and elected leaders to find the right solutions for our community.  I’m thrilled to endorse Saira because I know she’ll work closely with local leaders on solutions and then fight like hell in Washington to get results.

Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Saira is a powerhouse with a clear vision of where we need to go as a society. I am thrilled to endorse her candidacy for Congress and I am looking forward to working with her to make big changes in Washington D.C.

Andrew Yang and Saira Rao
Andrew Yang and Saira Rao

Gary Shteyngart, Best-Selling Author

I would move to Colorado just to vote for Saira Rao. She is one of the smartest, fiercest yet most empathic people I have ever met.

Pej Vahdat, Activist and Actor, Bones

As a Persian-American and a Muslim, it’s important to me that we build a Democratic Party that is diverse, compassionate, and bold. I’m proud to endorse Saira Rao for Congress.

Pej Vahdat
Pej Vahdat

Jill Kargman, Actress, Odd Mom Out

The brilliant, compassionate, dedicated Saira Rao would be a perfect person to send to Washington and would help me sleep better at night knowing she’s fighting for us.