Former CDP Chair Buie Seawell: Saira is “the future”

Former CDP Chair Buie Seawell: Saira is “the future”


Former Colorado Democratic Party Chair Buie Seawell endorses Saira, calling her “the future”

Denver, CO, March 13, 2018 — Democrat Saira Rao ( announced today that her campaign won the endorsement of Buie Seawell.

Buie Seawell, son of former North Carolina Attorney General Malcolm Buie Seawell, is a longtime Party figure and community leader. A distinguished professor at the University of Denver, Seawell served as Senator Gary Hart’s Chief of Staff and was the Colorado Democratic Party Chair from 1985-1989. “I’m endorsing Saira Rao because she has the energy, intelligence and care to lead our party and our country in this monumental moment of our history. She is not ‘the same old thing.’ Saira Rao embodies the future.”

Said Rao, “Buie’s leadership in the community and in our Party has created opportunities for so many, and I am honored to have his endorsement.”

Rao, 43, is the co-founder of In This Together Media. If elected, she would be the first woman of color from Colorado to go to Congress. To date, Saira Rao has earned the support of over 830 individual donors and is not taking any corporate PAC money. Her platform is available at

About Saira

Saira Rao ( is a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s District 1. The daughter of immigrants, Saira is an entrepreneur and social justice activist who built her career around empowering marginalized communities. Her company, In This Together Media, sources and shepherds to publication children’s books featuring brown, black, LGBTQ, poor, disabled, and female protagonists. She and her husband, Shiv, live in Denver with their two children, Lila and Dar, and their dog, Hector.