Saira outraises her opponent without corporate PACs

Saira outraises her opponent without corporate PACs

Incumbent and Chief Deputy Whip Rep. Diana DeGette was outraised by progressive newcomer, Democrat Saira Rao

Denver, CO, April 16, 2018 – Less than 100 days ago, Saira Rao announced her candidacy for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District. She is challenging incumbent Rep. Diana DeGette for the seat. Since then, she’s met with hundreds of people, hosted and attended dozens of events, and raised over $250,000 from individual donors in her 1st Quarter, outraising DeGette’s numbers.

Saira will be placed on the ballot for the Democratic party’s primary election, a nomination she earned by petitioning on the ballot and participating in the party’s assembly process. Rao has shown she has the right message and fire to unseat DeGette in the June 26th primary.

The establishment in Denver is taking notice of Rao’s success thus far, as has her opponent, Rep. DeGette. In two emails sent over the weekend to her supporters, DeGette stated, “I have good news and bad news. First, the good news: I am officially on the ballot for the Democratic primary in June. The bad news: my opponent outraised me last quarter. I urgently need support to fuel our grassroots field effort.”

Colorado’s first Congressional district, which encompasses Denver and parts of Jefferson and Arapahoe counties, has grown dramatically in the last few years. Said Rao, “Primaries define the future. We, the Democratic party, already know what we’re against, but what are the values we won’t compromise on? What we are for?”

“Our road to Washington has just begun and I promise to fight FOR the values and issues you care about. Our grassroots campaign is funded by the people and FOR the people. I will not take a penny from corporations. This campaign is about social, racial, and economic equity for all. We need a clean Dream Act now; Dreamers are human beings, not soundbites. We need single-payer healthcare and affordable prescription drugs, which means standing up to Big Pharma. The elimination of crushing student loan debt is one of my top priorities.”

DeGette has accepted corporate PAC money since she was first elected to Congress in 1997. As of January 2017, she has accepted $303,700 from “other committees”, many of which are corporate PACs. Rao is running on a progressive agenda where she believes everyone deserves a seat at the table. Among other things, she has not taken a single donation from corporate PACs. Change is coming to Washington and her name is Saira Rao.